The Xbow® (Crossbow®) Class II Corrector is an alternative to the Herbst Appliance, with the advantage of having more unilateral control in asymmetric Class II cases. It includes a maxillary expansion appliance, making it possible to correct both sagittal and transverse problems. It does not require patient cooperation like the Twin Block, Headgear, or Class II elastics. It does not extrude upper incisors like Class II elastics.

________________________Xbow® (Crossbow®) Class II Corrector ________________________

_____________Spring Caps from Comfort Solutions Inc.________________________


June, 2019: I have switched from Gurin Locks to the large size Rocky Mountain Lock. It is easier to install and

doesn't seem to slip between appointments like the Gurin Lock sometimes does. It can be rotated over

180 degrees to catch inside the pushrod loop and keep the pushrod away from the gingiva,

just like the Gurin Lock.


Dr. Bob Miller gave a great lecture on Xbow

at the 2019 AAO meeting. The following is one

of the cases he presented.



Quote from Dr. Hughes' article:"I have used a variety of Class II correctors over the years—headgear, Jasper Jumpers, Herbst, Flip-lock Herbst, etc. In my experience, nothing can touch the efficiency and effectiveness of the combination of Higgins Xbow® and 3M Forsus Correctors to correct moderate to severe adolescent cases." 





5 months Xbow followed by 11 months braces


__________________Xbow® with RME X 6 (Mesial or "Shorty" hook-up)_____________________

Adding mini tubes to the first bicuspids adds options for incisor and canine management. Inserting the "L" pin from the mesial

prevents cheek impingement.



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Max TAP: Combining Maxillary Expansion and Anterior Alignment

The Higgins Indirect Precision Bonding Technique

Indirect Bonding Video

CAAPP: A hybrid bracket system for more control with lighter forces

Combined Orthodontics and Two Jaw Advancement Surgery

Airway and Obstructive Sleep Apnea



Drs. Steven Hearne, Herb Hughes, Anthony Mair, and Bob Miller Cases

The Class II Compensation Compromise: Preserving the Upper Lip

Class II Elastics vs Class II Springs: The Difference Will Make You Smile

Building the Class II Treatment Foundation

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Modified Triple "L" Arch® to open space for an impacted bicuspid

Initial, impacted lower left second bicuspid

modified Triple "L" Arch opened space for an impacted second bicuspid

after over-correction and spring removal (springs for 4 months)

1. RME 2. Xbow (springs for 4 months, after settling)

final after full braces



Max TAP: Combining Maxillary Expansion and Anterior Alignment

Before Maxillary Transverse Anterior Posterior Expansion Appliance (Max TAP/RMEX6)

____________________________After 6 months Max TAP (RMEX6)__________________________



This is an example of first phase only treatment that saves the family the cost of phase 2 and shows what Xbow and partial upper braces can accomplish. See more First Phase Only Cases.


After RME X 6 (Max TAP) followed by Xbow (springs for 3 months)


Here is another first phase only without braces or retainers


1.RME 2. Xbow with springs for 3 months. 3. RME (part of Xbow) Photos taken one year after Xbow removal. No braces used.

This is an example of a unilateral crossbite and asymmetric Class II.




The Higgins Indirect Precision Bonding Technique

Indirect Bonding Video

______________Precision bracket placement on patient's model________________

____________Transfer tray ready for placement on patient's teeth_______________

____Light curing adhesive to secure brackets on patient's teeth_____

Combined Orthodontics and Two Jaw Advancement Surgery:

Permanent Facial Rejuvenation

Surgery by Dr. Bill McDonald

14 months total treatment time

12 months total treatment time

More jaw surgery cases

Xbow News

Updated September 28, 2018

Unpublished data from the University of Alberta on 172 consecutively treated two phase Xbow patients

Drs.Miller,Tieu,and Flores-Mir's article in the Angle Orthodontist concluded: Xbow patients finished

6 months faster and had braces on for 10 fewer months compared to patients with braces and Class II springs only

Dr. Terry McDonald interviews Dr. Carlos Flores-Mir on Xbow in the PCSO Bulletin (page 18).

The Xbow® Class II Corrector is protected by the following patents: US Patent No. 6,168,430 B1,

Canadian Patent No. 2,392,021

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