Xbow Crossbbow Class 2 Corrector
Mouth with a Corrector

“I have used a variety of Class II correctors over the years—headgear, Jasper Jumpers, Herbst, Flip-lock Herbst, etc. In my experience, nothing can touch the efficiency and effectiveness of the combination of Higgins Xbow and 3M Forsus Correctors to correct moderate to severe adolescent cases.”
—Dr. Hughes

Dr. Hughes’ Article

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Class II Elastics vs Class II Springs:

The difference will make you Smile.

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Before and After

Featured Cases

Impacted Canines: A Case for Crossbow:

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Impacted Canines: A Case for Crossbow

Unilateral Class II: A Case for Crossbow:


Unilateral Before & After

Impacted Lower Second Bicuspid: A Case for Crossbow:


Impacted Before & After

Missing Lower Second Bicuspids: A Case for Crossbow:


Missing Before & After
Teeth with Aligners
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Dr. Anthony Mair’s Presentation on Class II Elastics and Aligners:

There is a Silent Iatrogenic Epidemic Brewing.

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Featured Guest Case

"Thanks to Dr. Herb Hughes"

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Before and After
5 months Xbow followed by 11 months braces

Drs. Miller, Tieu, & Flores-Mir’s Article in the Angle Orthodontist Concluded:
“Xbow® patients finished six months faster and had braces on for ten fewer months compared to patients with braces and Class II springs only.”


Before Example 2
After Example 2

This is an example of the first phase only treatment that saves the family the cost of phase 2 and shows what Xbow® and partial upper braces can accomplish.


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